Minecraft Steve Head, Sword and Pickaxe Costume Kit

Minecraft 12" Steve Head, Sword, Pickaxe & Costume Kit

This is the ultimate Minecraft Steve Head, Sword and Pickaxe Costume Kit and the best deal we do on the site! Order all three of these items together and you’ll save yourself over $13! The Steve Head is well designed and printed and comes with an insert that ensures it fits on any size head!The pickaxe and sword are made out of a durable foam. Not only will they survive the many adventures they’ll be taken on, but they won’t break anything or hurt anyone in the process!

The main bonus of buying these three items as a bundle is that you can save yourself at least $13 based upon individual prices of the items.

Product Details:

Recommended for Ages 5 and Up

Shipping Weight ≤ 2 Pounds

Pickaxe and Sword are made from safe, soft EVA foam.

Save up to $13 compared to buying these items separately.

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Customer Reviews:

All of the customer reviews are very happy with this product; all of the reviews being either 4 or 5 stars. Something that is especially prevalent amongst the reviews is how much children loved this item, as well how much people love receiving the Minecraft Steve Head, Sword and Pickaxe Costume Kit as a present.

Individual reviews for the items in this bundle s have all praised the design and built quality of the items.

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