Official Minecraft Foam Pickaxe

Think Geek Minecraft Pick Axe Foam Weapon Action Figure Accessory

Okay, so it may not be fit for mining diamonds or plunging towards the core of the Earth, but the Official Minecraft Foam Pickaxe one exceptionally well made item. It is highly durable, soft and safe to swing around and a great compliment to any Minecraft costume! The EVA foam from which this item is made is more of a cross between polystyrene and cardboard than sponge,  meaning that it retains its shape. What’s more this means it is strong enough to withstand any play fight or a night out!

This foam pickaxe has some great details too, it really is a true representation of it’s digital self!

Product Details:

Product Dimensions: 15.5″ x 13.8″ x 0.8″ inches

Age: Recommended for ages of 3 years and over.

Total Shipping Weight ≤ 7 ounces

Made from safe and sturdy EVA Foam.

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Customer Reviews:

All of the reviews for this product are overwhelmingly positive! It has been lauded as especially durable and sturdy which was a big relief when I ordered mine due to the fact it is made out of foam. Customers are not only impressed with the build quality of the product but are also in love with the design and accuracy of the product.

One thing that really stands out from reviewers is the fact that this really does make a perfect gift for anyone who loves Minecraft! Dozens of reviewers have stated that their loved ones fell in love with it as soon as it was unwrapped.

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