Official Minecraft Steve Head Cardboard Mask (12″ x 12″)

This Minecraft Steve Head Mask features an awesome design, exactly resembling the Steve’s face from within the game. It is great value for money too, especially when considering the difficulties, cost and stress that is so often reported from readers that have tried making their own!

This product also comes with a cardboard insert to help the product stay on your head, instead of wobbling around as so many people are concerned about. This insert can be easily altered for all head sizes ranging from child to adult, meaning that even your children can run around mining and adventuring without their head falling off!

Product Details:

Dimensions: 12 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches (12 inches = 30 centimetres)

Shipping Weight: ≤ 1 Pound

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Customers Reviews:

All of the customers that have purchased this product have no qualms about it’s build quality or design, one user stating that

The most common issue surrounding this product is the fact that is designed around a cardboard box. This has led many users to claim it is not good value for money.

To counter this argument many others have said that both its design and its resilience are fantastic. Furthermore the $20 it takes to purchase this product is very little when you consider the free shipping and the time, effort and money it would take to build your own to such a high standard.